I'm Chloe, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner & Fertility Awareness Educator.

My mission is to break the taboo around the menstrual cycle, guide people on their journey to body literacy, and teach comprehensive and accurate fertility awareness to support menstruators in their sexual and reproductive decision-making.

If you're curious how it all started for me, read my story!

Why Practice Fertility Awareness?


Natural Birth Control

Fertility awareness empowers you with a hormone-free, natural birth control that's just as effective as the pill without the side effects!


Pregnancy Planning

Fertility awareness helps you nourish and identify a healthy fertile phase so you know exactly when to time intercourse to achieve pregnancy!


Pain Free Periods

It's not just about babies! Fertility awareness will help you make the right diet and lifestyle choices to reduce or eliminate PMS, cramps, irregular cycles, and more!


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