If you're here that means you're a courageous menstruator who wants one or a combination of the following:

  • A 99.6% effective birth control that's 100% free of synthetic hormones and side effects
  • To get pregnant naturally
  • To monitor or improve reproductive health
  • To be more in touch with your cycle and body

Well, good news! You can achieve all of this and more with fertility awareness!

And yes! Fertility awareness can be practiced by ALL menstruators, whether they have regular or irregular cycles, if they’re coming off hormonal birth control, or experiencing cycle changes like perimenopause or breast-feeding. WHOHOO! E-High 5!

Fertility awareness is the daily practice of observing and charting your signs of fertility and infertility. 

This has been very inspiring, challenging, and eye-opening. It has changed the way I relate to my body and has given me the tools to listen and understand its cues. I am sure this will permeate the support that I will be able to give to my self and others. Chloe is open about even the most embarrassing questions and most importantly she is non-judgemental which is a very valuable quality. I’m really glad that I got to do this and that I had Chloe's mentorship. Honestly… Really, really glad. Thank you!

- Aisha Pagnes, Netherlands


Right now I'm offering 1 hour strategy sessions, 8 week group programs, and 4 month private coaching.

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If you are interested in learning more about your fancy lady organ and all its glories, I definitely recommend contacting this lady! She has taught me so many things!

- Kylie Field, Canada

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