Myth 8: The Pill Regulates Your Cycle

Welcome back menstruators and lovers of menstruators! 

This week is all about the birth control pill! So lets start with myth #8!

The myth: The pill regulates your cycle.

The truth: The pill suppresses your cycle until you don’t have one anymore.

The pill has many functions but certainly not to regulate your cycle. It actually prevents you from having a cycle by shutting down your natural hormones and suppressing the cycle to such an extent there is no ovulation.

It does that by replacing your natural hormones, estrogen and progesterone, with synthetic steroids, (Frankenstein hormones, if you will), ethinyl estradiol and different kinds of progestins.

So while the pill may be giving you the “mythical” 28-day menstrual cycle, it might as well give you a 38 day cycle or 48 day cycle.

How can you regulate something that doesn’t exist anymore?

And that’s another myth debunked for today!

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