Myth 7: Period Pain is Normal

Here’s a good one for you…

The myth: Period pain is just something that us menstruators have to deal with.

The truth:  You should not be experience debilitating pain during your period.

Because period pain is common, we tend to believe it’s normal and just something that comes along with having a uterus.

Now let me be clear, when we get our period, our endometrial lining is literally being cramped out of our uterus so we can expect to have some discomfort especially the first day or two.

But it shouldn’t be a throbbing, burning, stabbing pain that makes up pop pain pill after pain pill or interfere with our daily activities.

If this is what you experience, your period pain may actually be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance, underlying medical condition, nutrient deficiency, or a food allergy.

So like in many symptoms of the menstrual cycle, your period pain is not the problem, it’s revealing the problem.

Time to listen up! 

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