Myth 3: Ovulation Always Occurs on Day 14

And…… today’s myth is! 

The myth: Ovulation always occurs on day 14. 

The truth: Ovulation varies from month to month. In longer cycles, ovulation will occur later in the cycle and in shorter cycles, ovulation will occur sooner. 

Recall, ovulation is when the egg leaves the ovary. The idea that this occurs on day 14 comes from my Myth#1, that women have 28-day menstrual cycles, and so ovulation fits nicely at the halfway mark.

For some women, this may be true. For many women this is simply not the case.  This idea, now a myth, led to the obsolete, ineffective rhythm method.

The truth is things like stress, illness, diet, and heavy exercise, travel can influence the day you ovulate.

You might ovulate anywhere from 9 to 20 days after your period and this is what determines the length of your cycle… and the reason why we don’t have 28-day cycles clockwork. 

Ahhhhhhhh. Makes sense? 

Tomorrow I debunk another ovulation myth. See you then!