Myth 28: Fertility Awareness is Only About Sex and Fertility

Hi, Everyone! Today is the last myth! 

The myth: Fertility awareness is just about fertility and sex.

The truth: Absolutely not!
While fertility awareness is the daily observation of your signs of fertility and infertility, body literacy is the self-knowledge gained by understanding your cycle!
And this self-knowledge includes understanding how to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally, knowing when your next true period will come, and gaining insight into you overall and reproductive health.
But it’s even MORE than that! 

  • The menstrual cycle is your ultimate guide to befriending yourself and getting to know all parts of you… that’s all 4 phases! 
  • And this will completely change the way you live your life!
    • What you eat
    • How you exercise
    • Who you date
    • What jobs you take
    • Whether you go out salsa dancing or stay in and read a good book
  • And you’ll begin to live by your own rhythm, follow your own sense of timing and listen to your own intuition…
  • Plus, it’s a super-secret, menstruator-only awesome mindfulness tool that we get to tap into every night we chart. 

So you start for the fertility awareness but you stay for the body literacy!

Happy cycling!

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