Myth 27: Sex is Less Fun When You’re Using FAM

Do you think sex will be less fun using the Fertility Awareness Method for birth control?

And I’m back with myth #27!

The myth: Sex is less fun when you’re using the Fertility Awareness Method (or FAM).

The truth: Oh my goddess, no!

1) Using FAM means you have a libido. 

  • Hormonal contraceptives, like the pill, can dramatically reduce your sex drive. And there’s nothing sexy about that. 
  • If you decide to start using FAM you may be pleasantly surprised to find that after ditching the pill, your sex drive comes back!

2) You have better, deeper communication with your partner (or partners), which can translate into better sex

  • In order for the method to work effectively, both partners need to be able to communicate their intentions and agree on how to manage the fertile time. 
  • Discussing your fertility can make it easier to talk about other aspects of sexuality, like what you like or what you’d like to try. 

3) If you choose to practice periodic abstinence, where you avoid sex during the fertile time, this can enhance the anticipation and increase the enjoyment of the sex you have on infertile days.

Plus, using FAM means you’re in touch with the real you and in control of your health and fertility… and that’s a turn on! 

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