Myth 26: You Have to Abstain to Use FAM

Do you despise the thought of having to abstain?

The myth: You have to abstain to use the Fertility Awareness Method.

The truth: Once you learn how to confidently and accurately identify your fertile days, how you decide to manage this time is between you and your partner.
You may decide to abstain from intercourse (where you’ll get the highest form of effectiveness) or have alternative sex that doesn’t allow cervical mucus and sperm to mingle.

Or maybe you want to use a barrier method (like a condom or diaphragm), understanding that now you’re relying on the effectiveness of the barrier with the knowledge that you are fertile.
For people who would want to use barrier methods during the fertile time, here are 3 tips!

1) Learn the method well so you can confidently identify fertile and infertile days (This might involve getting help from a certified fertility awareness educator – like me!)
2) “Double-up”! What I mean is using two types of protection (like using a condom and a diaphragm or use withdrawal combined with a barrier method). This is helpful because the slipperiness of cervical mucus can cause barriers to come off or fall out of place!
3) Explore your intimacy and sexuality! And practice expanding your sexual expression to include more than just intercourse. 

Sounds like you have some homework to do!

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