Myth 25: Not All Cervical Mucus is Fertile

Cervical mucus is THE most important sign of fertility. So how do you know which is fertile or not? 

There’s a huge misconception in the fertility awareness world that not all cervical mucus is fertile so this brings us to myth #25.

The myth: Not all cervical mucus is fertile.

The truth: Repeat after me: All cervical mucus is fertile mucus.
As you approach ovulation, your estrogen levels begin to rise and this is what causes your cervical mucus to change from a plug to a slip-n-slide that’s visible at the vulva when you wipe. 

You might observe CM that is…
Sticky, cloudy, pasty
Tacky, cloudy
Stretchy, clear (also sometimes called egg white cervical mucus because it looks like raw egg white)
And many other combinations or colours and consistencies.

It’s true your mucus may become more clear and stretchy the closer you approach ovulation, but it doesn’t matter what kind of cervical mucus you see and or how much you see it, when cervical mucus is present, sperm can ride that super-high way all the way to the Hotel De La Sperm, the cervix, and check in for 3 to 5 days waiting for ovulation to occur!
Now, there are times when a menstruator may see cervical mucus everyday or have unusual patterns.
For example, if they’re coming off hormonal birth control,  breast-feeding, experiencing underlying reasons like food allergies or compromised cervical health or if they’re confusing cervical mucus with vaginal cell slough or arousal fluid (both are which infertile) but these all temporary and should be addressed with your fertility awareness practitioner.
So while everyone’s mucus pattern is different, all cervical mucus is fertile mucus

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