Myth 24: Taking Your BBT Every Morning is Inconvenient

Taking your BBT every morning doesn’t have to be a pain! Here’s my trick!

And we’re back with myth #24!

The myth: Taking your BBT every morning is inconvenient.

The truth: It doesn’t have to be!

So remember your BBT, or basal body temperature, is the temperature of your body at its most rested state.
And you can measure it to see the shift from low to high temperatures, confirming ovulation has happened.
(You watched yesterday’s myth, right?)

So to get the most accurate measurement of your BBT, you want to take it:

  • First thing in the morning before getting out of bed 
  • After a minimum of 5 hours of sleep
  • Approximately the same time each day, plus or minus an hour
  • Take your temperature for 10 minutes


I know, I know! It sounds impossible at first. But I have two words for you!

Snooze button.

My trick is to set my alarm 10 minutes before I actually want to get up.
Once the alarm goes off, I hit snooze, put my thermometer under my arm and go back to sleep!

When my alarm goes off, my temperature is taken and I’m ready to get up.
Show me someone who couldn’t use an extra ten minutes in bed anyways!!

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