Myth 23: You Need a Fancy Thermometer to Track Your BBT

There are a lot of really cool, fancy-dancy, BBT thermometers out there. Are they really necessary?

The myth: You need a fancy thermometer to track your basal body temperature (BBT).
The truth: No, you don’t.

While there are a lot of cool fertility gadgets you can buy out there including really expensive thermometers…

All you need is a thermometer you can buy from your local drugstore, pharmacy, or convenience store (like Superstore!).

I personally use and give all my clients a non-mercury glass thermometer.

It’s also the best way to asses your thyroid health (remember the menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign!)

But if you’d prefer to use a digital thermometer, then here are some tips to increase the accuracy: 

  • Make sure to get a BBT thermometer not a fever thermometer
  • Look for one with two decimal places
  • Leave it in your mouth or under your arm for 10 minutes before turning it on

Being consistent is the key when it comes to tracking your BBT.

Don’t change how you’re taking your temperature mid-cycle or you may have a false temperature shift. Instead, wait for the beginning of the next cycle.
And no need to break the bank.

A glass non-mercury thermometer works perfectly. And it’s still more economical even after you’ve broken 1 or 2 …. even 5 or more (like me!). 

Happy temping!

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