Myth 22: Tracking Your Temperature Can Help You Predict Ovulation

Repeat after me: Tracking your temperature CANNOT help you predict ovulation. So what can it do?

The myth: Tracking your BBT can help you predict ovulation.

The truth: No, but tracking your BBT can help you confirm ovulation.

BBT, or your basal body temperature, is a measure of your metabolic rate. After you ovulate, your metabolism goes up (as a result of a surge of progesterone) and you can measure this shift when you take your temperature every morning.
Since you need to ovulate in order to see that temperature shift, it can’t predict when it will happen.

But tracking your BBT can be very useful to confirm that you did in fact ovulate.
Though some women may experience a dip in their BBT close to ovulation day, this does not occur reliably enough in all women to be used as a predictor of ovulation. 

Cervical mucus is a much better predictor for when ovulation is likely to occur. 

Happy temping!

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