Myth 20: You Can’t Use FAM if You Have Irregular Cycles

Spoiler alert: Yes you can!

The myth: You can’t use the Fertility Awareness Method (or FAM) if you have irregular cycles.

The truth: Absolutely, you can!
FAM can be practiced by ALL menstruators, whether they have regular or irregular cycles, if they’re coming of off hormonal birth control, or experiencing cycle changes like perimenopause or breast-feeding.

This is because FAM is about charting daily observations where us menstruators make decisions about our fertility based on what we see today not on what happened in previous cycles (like in the ineffective, outdated Rhythm Method).

In fact, the more irregular your cycle, the more you SHOULD be charting!

Excuse me?

Your menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign! And fertility awareness charting can reveal whats really behind those irregularities.
So to all my menstruating friends,

Keep calm and chart on!

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