Myth 19: FAM is Only For People Who Are Trying to Conceive

“Oh no, we’re not trying.”
“I don’t want kids right now.”
“I’m done having kids, thank you.”

These are some responses I get when I tell people I’m a Fertility Awareness Educator.

Hence today’s myth.

The myth: FAM is only for people who are trying to conceive.

The truth:  Absolutely not!

Ahhhhhh this one kills me every time!

I can’t even count anymore how many times I tell people I’m a Fertility Awareness Educator and they respond with something like…

UGH! Don’t use the that “f” word around me. I’m might catch a pregnancy.

(Okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic) 

But it’s true. We see the word “fertility” and just think of babies.
People practice fertility awareness for more reasons than just to conceive.

It’s also a highly effective, hormone-free, symptom-free birth control.

That means you can finally ditch the pill and still prevent pregnancy with all of the effectiveness and none of the side effects.

And since your menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign, charting consistently can reveal valuable information about your body health!

That means finally getting to the bottom of that period pain, figuring out what’s up with irregular cycles, or even seeing patterns or abnormalities that would easily be overlooked by a non-charting menstruator.

But yeah, it ALSO means being able to conceive naturally when you’re ready. (Not to mention being able to address any signs of infertility or sub-fertility before trying to get pregnant not on the same cycle!)


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