Myth 17: There’s Only One Kind of Fertility Awareness Based Method

Is there only one way to practice fertility awareness?

The myth: There’s only one kind of fertility awareness based method.

The truth:  There are many.

Each with their own intricacies to the observational routine and guidelines.
Cervical Mucus-Only Methods rely on a woman’s daily observation and charting of cervical mucus (like Billings or Creighton)

Sympto-Thermal Methods combines charting cervical mucus, basal body temperature, or other signs like changes in the cervix (like the Justisse Method, Couple to Couple League, and the method taught in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility)

Sympto-Hormonal Methods combines cervical mucus with urinary metabolite hormone levels (like The Marquette Model and FEMM Fertility Education and Medical Management)

And they have similarities, too!

  • They require a time investment to learn the method
  • There are no side effects (unless you include body literacy, self-direction, & empowerment)
  • They can help women achieve pregnancy naturally or avoid pregnancy naturally 

So whichever method you choose, happy charting!

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