Myth 16: The Fertility Awareness Method is Ineffective

What’s the truth here?

The myth: The Fertility Awareness Method is ineffective.

The truth: The Fertility Awareness Method is 99.6% effective.

That’s as good as hormonal contraception!!!!

Remember that fertility awareness is the daily practice of observing and recording one or more of the body’s signs fertility – cervical mucus, basal body temperature, or cervical position.

Tracking this helps you to identify your fertile window – the only time in your cycle when it’s biologically possible for you to get pregnant! (Remember Myth #2?)

People are often surprised when I tell them that the Fertility Awareness Method can be just as effective as the pill. 

So where does this number come from? It’s from a study done in Germany that looked at 900 women who contributed over 17,000 menstrual cycles and prevented pregnancy using the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness.

It’s important to clarify, that the 99.6% effectiveness is when you abstain during the fertile window. If you choose to use a barrier method or withdrawal, then now you’re relying on the effectiveness of the barrier method or withdrawal with the knowledge that you’re capable of becoming pregnant.

Also the effectiveness depends on how you learned the method, your correct use of instructions, and your consistent observation and charting of these signs!

So get a good instructor (like me!)

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