Myth 13: You Can Get Pregnant Right After You Stop the Pill

Today I’m debunking myth #13…

The myth: You can get pregnant right after you stop the pill.

The truth: That’s not the case for everyone.

Talk to five different women about hormonal contraceptives and you’ll get five different stories about the effect it had on their fertility.

Some people’s cycles bounce back right while away others take months or years!

The return of fertility is going to depend on many factors such as:

  • What type of hormonal contraceptive you were on 
  • How long you were on it 
  • How old you were when you started 
  • Whether or not you’ve taking breaks
  • Whether or not you’ve had a previous pregnancy
  • If you have any underlying medical conditions
  • Your genetics
  • And your general health, lifestyle, diet 

So don’t accept that statement as fact and assume you won’t need other birth control right after discontinuing or that you’ll have no problem conceiving right away.

Everyone has a different experience on the pill and it’s the same for going off.

See you back here tomorrow for your next myth!

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