Myth 11: Birth Control Pills Contain Hormones That Are Naturally Produced in the Body

Hi, everyone!

Here’s another myth about the birth control pill for you today.

The myth: Birth control pills contain hormones that are naturally produced in a our body.

The truth: Birth control pills contain chemically produced synthetic steroids.

Even though taking the pill can feel like we’re taking a hormone supplement that our body needs and wants…

It actually switches off the body’s natural estradiol and progesterone and replaces them with Frankenstein, pseudo-hormone, synthetic steroids like ethinyl estradiol and different kinds of progestins.

They do not have the same molecular structure as human hormones and that small difference makes a BIG difference in your body.

Our body’s natural progesterone promotes hair growth but the progestin levonorgestrel (lee-von-nor-ges-tril) causes hair loss.

Our progesterone improves brain health and cognition. But the synthetic version drospirenone (draw-sper-known) causes depression.

Estradiol improves insulin sensitivity but ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel cause insulin resistance.

…you get the point…

It’s like you’re building a puzzle with foreign pieces and while they manage to squeeze into place, the picture isn’t the same.

See you tomorrow for your next myth!

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