Myth 1: The Menstrual Cycle Should Be 28 Days Long

And I’m back with your first myth! 

The myth: The menstrual cycle should be 28 days long.

The truth: A normal cycle varies between 24 and 35 days.

Maybe in an effort to simplify sex ed, we were told that anything other than a 28-day cycle is abnormal. Not true.
So how do you know your cycle length?

Day 1 is the first day of medium or heavy menstrual flow and count the days until the last day before your next medium or heavy flow. Cycle lengths between 25 and 36 days is absolutely ok.

And not only do cycle lengths vary among women, they’ll also vary cycle to cycle. Regular cycles can have a normal variation up to 8 to 10 days. 
We’re not windup clocks after all!

Your menstrual cycle is as unique as you! xoxo

See everyone tomorrow for myth #2!

P.S. Watch the video above for some sample menstrual cycle charts with varying lengths!