Intro: The Menstrual Cycle, The Pill, Fertility Awareness

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Hi Everyone! — Hi Mom — if you don’t know me already, I’m Chloe and I’m crazy about the menstrual cycle. 

I’m an AFAP-certified Justisse Fertility Awareness Educator. 
I help wild women reconnect with their cycle and take back control of their health and fertility.
That means preventing pregnancy without hormonal contraceptives, achieving pregnancy when you want to if you want, and understanding your health through understanding your menstrual cycle.

Since ditching the pill, charting my own cycle, and teaching fertility awareness all over the world, I’ve come across a few myths I’d like to set straight. And the first one is the common belief that a healthy menstrual cycle should be 28 days long. 

So in honour of this mythological 28-day cycle, I’m debunking for you 28 myths about the menstrual cycle, birth control pills, and fertility awareness.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow is the first one!