I discovered fertility awareness after my partner told me he was not going to let me put that "penis-strangling-apparatus" up my vagina.

He was referring to the Nuva Ring.

We were exploring different birth control options after I stopped taking the pill. I had been on the pill for less than a year before I realized it was absolutely not working for me. I had changed into a completely different person. Nothing inspired me anymore. I had unpredictable outbursts of rage or tears or both. My face was spotted with unresolvable acne and my hair was falling out in clumps to which I was told, "You're just getting old". I was 23!

In pursuit for a contraceptive that worked for me, I realized looking for birth control was really just asking: "How do you like your hormones?" It was the synthetic hormones that were causing my side effects.

I didn't want synthetic hormones at all. Not in my mouth, not in my vagina, not in my uterus, not in my arm. That's when I discovered fertility awareness.

With the help of my practitioner, I learned about my reproductive body (something I felt I should have known a long time ago!) and learned how to listen to and interpret my biological signs of fertility. By identifying my fertile and infertile times of my cycle, I was able to avoid pregnancy free of synthetic hormones!

The best part was, I didn't only discover a natural birth control that's just as effective as the pill. With the guidance of my charts and the help of my health practitioners, I identified and remedied debilitating premenstrual symptoms, vitamin deficiencies, and sub-optimal thyroid health. Now I have a monthly report of my reproductive and overall health.

I enriched the connection with my body, gained an appreciation for my fertility, and mastered a way to prevent pregnancy free of synthetic hormones while monitoring my reproductive and overall health.

My mission is to break the taboo around the menstrual cycle, guide people on their journey to body literacy, and teach comprehensive and accurate fertility awareness to support people in their sexual and reproductive decision-making.

All menstruators listen! You must meet this lady! Chloe Skerlak is smart, funny, compassionate and really knows her stuff! Get to know your body's messages and your cycle! I highly encourage you to look into fertility awareness charting. It's fascinating and and empowering! Chloe has been a huge support for me so that I now feel confident with my own fertility charting. I tell you, it's a really good idea to get off of those hormonal contraceptives... Ask Chloe!

- Christiane Panesar, Heart-Food, Canada


Thank you, Chloe! Honestly talking with you and your energy is the best part of my day! I'm so happy to have you by my side through this! I'm so excited!

- Client 

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